Whey Protien Frappe

Whey Protien Frappe

Today I woke up feeling run down…and ten minutes after my alarm clock, so I opted for this protein frappe.  It is less than 200 calories with 12 grams of protein.  All it takes is five minutes.  The trick to making this quickly is having cooled coffee on hand in your refrigerator and frozen bananas in your freezer.  I use Defense Nutrition’s Warrior Whey protein.  It is all natural, gluten free, low glycemic, and best of all has no added sugar!  I purchase it off Amazon for about $25 per jar, click here if you are interested in the product!

For the almond milk, I use Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla.  Any “milk” would work.  Coconut milk is delicious in this frappe as well.  But I try and use almond milk for the calcium since I do not drink dairy milk.

If you are making this post workout, feel free to add an extra scoop of protein powder, just be mindful that you will be adding 75 calories.

I drank this shake at 7:45 this morning and I felt full and satisfied until lunch time (which was about 12:15 today).


Broke Girl Tabata


I am very excited to present to you my very own TABATA workout! This routine will take you about 45 minutes to complete if you strictly follow MY Tabata timing which is 30 seconds on/10 seconds off.  Please be sure to follow the information below so you can time your rest correctly and get the most out of your precious time!

For Tabata Circuits:

  • 30 seconds ON/ 10 seconds OFF  
  • Four rounds of each move before moving to the next move
  • Perform each exercise in the circuit for 30 seconds, then take a 10 second break and repeat three more times before moving to the next exercise
  • [x2 R x2 L] This means you do two intervals on the right before moving on to do two intervals on the left

*Traditional Tabata in “On” for 20 seconds.  If 30 seconds is too much for you, modify to 20 seconds on/10 seconds off

Photo Tutorials

Additional Notes:

Burpee Mountain Climbers: Simply do 10 mountain climbers then come into a squat thrust like a normal burpee, repeat continuously for 30 seconds.

Standing Switch Kicks: These are hard to portray in a picture.  You are switching the kicking leg while in the air.  These should be done at a fast pace and you should never have more than one foot on the ground at a time.

Wiper Planks: These can be performed on your hands or down on your forearms.  Planking on your forearms is going to activate more abdominal muscles.  By this point in the workout you may be spent, and need to modify to your hands like I am in the photo.  Don’t hesitate to push yourself!

To up the intensity even more, you can add dumbbells to the majority of the moves or up your weight.

This workout will take you about 45 minutes. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down!

If you would like an e-mailable version of the workout, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at brokegirlfitness@gmail.com

Staying Motivated this Winter

Today I want to address the biggest hurdle people face when it comes to getting into shape and sticking with their resolutions: MOTIVATION. Learning how to motivate yourself to be active can change your pre workout attitude.  With my clients I focus on Process Goals. With process goals you are focusing on completing X number of workouts per week rather than the results of your workout.  If you are working hard, results will come, but sometimes the lack in immediate change to your body composition can be discouraging.

Winter days are short and cold. Your body’s natural response is to hibernate,  making it more difficult to get going in the mornings or after a day of work.  In addition, the lack of sun exposure can give you a case of the winter blues.

  • Eat more Avocados.  They contain Folic Acid and B6 that stimulate Serotonin!
  • Go to sleep earlier and stick to a schedule.  The sun sets around 5:00 pm, so think about getting to sleep early and starting your day with a workout.  When you are done with your day you can relax, unwind and repeat!
  • If you are really not a morning person.  Switch to gym clothes as soon as you are off work or out of class.  The rule is, once you put on gym clothes you are obligated to exercise.  Create the mindset that “It is a SIN to wear put on a sports bra without working out”!

Rise and Grind 1

Variety is so important. Not only does it improve your health and overall physical fitness, but having a dynamic workout regimen keeps exercising fun and exciting.

  • Try something new, often.  I used to be afraid to step outside of my fitness box. I was afraid I would waste a workout or money on a trend.  Take the risk, because there is a good chance you may love spinning, yoga, body pump, etc.
  • Chose your workout based on the weather, your mood, your physical state and your schedule.  You don’t have to be rigid in your routine. If I am exhausted and sore, I go for an easy run and/or complete a yoga flow.  If it is a beautiful day, tackle a long run.  If it is snowing and 5 degrees (it has been miserable in Virginia), pop insanity into the DVD player.
  • JUST MOVE. Some days you may only have time for a 30 minute Tabata or a 3 mile run.  That is okay, just do something.

Seek social support

  • Working out with a friend creates a sense of camaraderie and accountability.  Just make sure you are teaming up with someone who pushes you rather than holds you back.
  • Try group exercise classes: working out in a group creates a sense of cohesion that can be motivating.  Not to mention the music can pump you up! Before I moved I went to the same Yoga class twice a week.  When I did not feel like walking the two blocks on winter nights, I was motivated by the fact that the instructor would notice my absence.
  • Groupon Exercise packages: Buy an exercise package on Groupon.  The fact that you need to get your money’s worth can be very motivating.

Create an exercise log or calendar

I have a Monthly Calendar hanging on my bedroom wall.  Each day I write my what workout I completed and check off the date with a magic marker. On days I don’t work out I will mention why or simply write “OFF DAY” (we all need them sometimes).  This is how I hold myself accountable and make sure I am logging enough hours in each area of fitness (Running, weight lifting, plyometric training and yoga).  You can also write how you felt during your workout.  On days I have a crappy workout, I will put a check minus.  On days I have a phenomenal workout, I will put a check plus.  Here is an example of my January Calendar as of last week. Don’t mind my errand notes or chicken scratch!


Do keep a log of your exercises? If not, what motivates you most during the winter months?

Snowed In: A Day of Pampering

Like so many other Americans, I was sent home early from my 9-5 around noon yesterday when the snowfall began to accumulate.  I originally wanted to run in the snow, but after realizing how cold I would be with the windchill, I opted for a day indoors.  I ended up doing 90 minutes of yoga, which was interrupted a few times by my puppy Petey attacking my ponytail.  Nonetheless I felt like a happy noodle afterwards.

I continued on with the spa theme and did some all natural facials with my non romantic lady friend.  All you need is three ingredients that you likely already have in your pantry.

Hot Toddy


  • Half a Lemon
  • 1/4-1/2 a Tablespoon of Organic RawHoney
  • Coconut Oil

The raw organic honey is preferred because it is gritty and acts as an exfoliator.  All you have to do is put a dab of honey on your lemon half and rub  it all over your face, avoiding your eyes of course.  I stood over the sink and rinsed once or twice in between.  After a couple of minutes rinse completely and apply a little of your daily moisturizer to your face.  Now for the coconut oil. In the winter I get dry spots so first i apply a small amount to my dry spots and rub it in.  Next I apply to my eye lids, under eyes and lips.  A little coconut oil goes a long way.

TIP: Make sure you remove your make up cleanse your face before the facial.

Now it is FREEZING here, so I have been drinking tons of tea.  But it just so happened I had all the ingredients to make a Hot Toddy last night. My grandmother introduced me to this cocktail in november when I spent a cold weekend on her horse farm. I think I had 4 in one sitting. Whoops!

Continuing with the theme, all you need is:

  • 2 Lemon Wedges
  • 1 Tablespoon (or more) of Organic Raw Honey
  • 8 oz of Hot Water
  • a shot of Crown Royal

Last night I did not have Crown, so I used Jack Daniel’s American Honey Whiskey.  It was still delicious and smooth, but i prefer Crown.

If you are not relaxed after all of that, have another Hot Toddy.

Same Distance, Very Different Run

What is your “go to” run? If you are a runner I know you have a few of them.  I have my “go to” 5 miles that usually run at a comfortable pace and finish right around 40 minutes.  I know every stop light sequence, hill and where to watch out for a raccoon or fox.  Then of course you have your long runs, I have an 8 and a 10 I alternate with as well.  Sadly, the area where I live has few hills, so when I want the challenge I drive to my parent’s house where the hills are never ending.

This Friday I was JONESING to run.  Unfortunately, it was already pitch black when I got off work so I had to opt for the hamster wheel.  I don’t know about you, but for me the treadmill is only used in moments of desperation.  So I hoped on and ran my 5 miles and jumped right off to check it off my to do list.

Treadmill vs. 20 Degree Road Run

Treadmill vs. 20 Degree Road Run

On Saturday morning I trained a client in my parent’s town and decided to go home for a run.  If only it had been warmer. It was 20 degrees with atleast 15 mph winds.  My lungs where burning and I have never felt so slow.  Nonetheless, I was sore on Sunday.  It was the first time in a while that I felt completely exerted after a run.  I just felt wiped out from the cold weather and hills.  A lot of people worry that running in very cold weather is harmful, but honestly I will take 20 degrees over 90 degrees any day.  It is important to take precautions when you run in below freezing temperatures.  You want to be sure to warm up, since your muscles will be cold.  In addition, wear layers. I always need to strip about 10 minutes in.  Just because you are not spewing sweat like you do on the treadmill doesn’t mean you are not losing moisture.  Intense respiration in the cold will cause you to lose more moisture than you realize.  So make sure you are hydrated!

Sunday My sore butt and hamstrings took me on my “go to” 5 miler around Reston/Herndon.  It was about 20 degrees warmer and it made a huge difference. It always amazes me how much your environment can change your run.  I ran 5 miles three days in a row and each experience was completely different.  Did you have a good run this weekend?


Video Review: Paul Katami’s Burn & Build

A huge part of my own personal exercise regimen is videos. Not only do videos allow me to workout from home, but they also introduce me to new exercise styles and bring variety to my library of moves.   As I test out new videos I will be sharing my experience with you.  A great resource for finding new workouts is Collage Video.  Collage ranks videos by their skill level, but they also provide reviews and clips from the workout.

Untitled-2Last night I took my puppy to our family vet and decided to workout in my parent’s home gym since I was already in the area.  My mom has been wanting me to try Paul Katami’s Burn & Build for a couple weeks now so I gave it a try.  The Burn & Build Workout is an aerobic toning workout that combines  kettlebells with a high step.   The workout itself is 70 minutes which includes an 11 minute warm up and a 5 minute cool down.  There are 7 intervals which mix fast past aerobic moves with toning.  I used a 15 lb kettlebell for the majority of the workout, but found myself switching to a 10 lb weight in the one armed bur-pees.  The video also comes with a 25 minutes instructional for some of the more complex moves and kettlebell maneuvers. I did not watch this to save time, but I wish I had.  I probably would have caught on to some of the combinations a bit faster .  After you complete the 70 minute workout there is an option for a 20 minute ab workout.

This video is considered advanced, so I would recommend being in  shape and having experience with a kettlebell before giving it a try.  The warmup itself is a workout, so by the time you eject the DVD you have done at least 60 minutes of high intensity interval training.  This is a sweat squirting heart pounding workout that takes concentration and skill.  I found myself getting frustrated with a few combinations because I had not practiced the 3-4 part moves in the instructional video.  I’m sure that I will get more out of this workout the second time around.  I definitely recommend this video to anyone who wants to challenge their body and coordination. I would give this video 5 out of 5 stars. Not only did I feel like I was getting my ass kicked, but I am sore today.    Below is Clip from the Workout:

If you do not have a step, I recommend purchasing one to reap the benefits of a bi level workout.  Incorporating a step works more muscle groups and increases your aerobic work and inevitably burns more fat.  In addition, your coordination can improve with step aerobics training.  For this workout you should use a high step.  Here is a great high step I found on Amazon that will not take too much space to store.

If you have any particular questions or a video review suggestion please leave a comment!

Half Hour Kettlebell Burn

I don’t know about you, but the winter really puts a damper on my running.  I love to run in the cold, but the short days and icy sidewalks make it a hazardous way to begin or end my day.  With all this winter weather we have experienced lately, I need to really mix up my workouts to avoid boredom.  One of my favorite ways to strength and cardio train is with Kettlebells.  These portable friends are never boring and deliver a seriously high metabolic cost when you are throwing the bell around.  Kettlebells will push your max heart rate to a new high, which is the most effective approach to cardio fitness (when done safely). So as I sit at my desk and type this post, I’m still scorching fat from my morning workout.

The off centered weight recruits more muscles at one time, especially when moving through a full range of motion (like swings).  These exercises are a great way to strengthen from head to toe without logging hours in the weight room.  Additionally, the exercises are fun.  With kettlebells you are focusing more on the movement than a specific muscle group you are working.  If you are worried about bulking up…Don’t! Kettlebells enhance your natural shape and keep you lean.

My puppy Petey saw his life flash before his eyes this morning as I started my Kettlebell routine.  He learned quickly to keep his distance.  Keep reading for a heart gargling routine!


I am a huge proponent of workout videos.  They are the best use of your time, especially for mornings.  I try and keep my workouts no shorter than 40 minutes of continual exercise with no rest (ideally 45-60 minutes), but that for a lot of people should start as a goal.  When you are following a video you are more likely to complete reps with the correct form and speed.  Below is a link to a YouTube Video from RyanRaw who has fantastic Kettlebell videos and instruction.  This video is 8 minutes long.  You should do a minimum of 4 circuits. I recommend watching the 8 minute video before completing your first circuit.  Complete circuit number one with the video, and then 3-4 more times.  I personally run through the workout 5 times which takes about 40 minutes.

If you don’t own a bell you can find them at Target, Walmart and even Marshalls/TJ MAXX or any sporting goods store.  The minimum weight you should be using is 10 lbs.  I use a 15 lb bell.

Here is a Breakdown of the moves:

  1. KB Front Swings (20 reps)
  2. Alternating Back Squat Lunge with KB Pass under (20 reps)
  3. High Plank with KB Alternating Row (20 reps)
  4. Figure 8 to Twist (20 reps)
  5. Half Turkish Get Up (10 reps on each side)
  6. Soccer Step Up “Quick Feet” (1 minute)


  • During KB swings, power comes from your lower half, NOT YOUR SHOULDERS
  • Your legs, butt and hips should be doing the majority of the work while swinging, allowing your KB to float into the air
  • When performing the Back Squat Lunge, the passing hand is the same as the moving leg
  • When performing a Half Turkish Get Up, your push should be EXPLOSIVE
  • Always keep your core tucked and tight
  • A 10-30 minute yoga cooldown is the best way to recover and stretch all the muscles you recruited during this workout.

Please post any questions or comments below!