Whey Protien Frappe

Whey Protien Frappe

Today I woke up feeling run down…and ten minutes after my alarm clock, so I opted for this protein frappe.  It is less than 200 calories with 12 grams of protein.  All it takes is five minutes.  The trick to making this quickly is having cooled coffee on hand in your refrigerator and frozen bananas in your freezer.  I use Defense Nutrition’s Warrior Whey protein.  It is all natural, gluten free, low glycemic, and best of all has no added sugar!  I purchase it off Amazon for about $25 per jar, click here if you are interested in the product!

For the almond milk, I use Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla.  Any “milk” would work.  Coconut milk is delicious in this frappe as well.  But I try and use almond milk for the calcium since I do not drink dairy milk.

If you are making this post workout, feel free to add an extra scoop of protein powder, just be mindful that you will be adding 75 calories.

I drank this shake at 7:45 this morning and I felt full and satisfied until lunch time (which was about 12:15 today).


5 thoughts on “Whey Protien Frappe

  1. I personally use a lot of Warriors way protein powder it is the best product out there for sure. Now when it comes to almond milk specially store-bought it is no-no for me . I personally use raw milk or coconut cream . I don’t care about calorie counting and most of my calories come from fat I would for myself removed Banana and instead use coconut cream and MCT oil. I prefer or I can say my body prefer to burn fat for energy instead of sugar. But thumbs up for the great recipe

    • Yes, Defense Nutrition makes wonderful products! What exactly is coconut cream? There are so many products out there I cannot keep up! I like almond milk for the calcium, because I do not drink dairy milk. Thank you for the comment!

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