Yoga Studio Review

logoLast night I tried a new studio in Reston, Virginia called Beloved Yoga.  It is a small studio at the bottom of a commercial office building on Sunrise Valley, but once you walk in you forget you are in commercial office space.  Inside, the decor is everything you want to see in a yoga studio, which for some reason makes the experience more enjoyable.  I was ready for 90 minutes of “me time”, so I put away my parka and purse and got right on my mat.  I looked around and saw everyone had the same blanket so I followed the crowd and grabbed one and some blocked too.

I learned in the first 10  minutes that the block and blanket would be added to our sun salutations.  One sequence involved holding the block between your thighs while you flowed.  This I had never done before.  The Blanket was used in the next flow.  We stepped off of our mats and onto our folded blanket to “slide” through the sun salutations.  I saw this as a way to fire up the core, but the instructor never vocalized her intentions (from what I can remember).  It is always fun and interesting to try new things, but I prefer my smelly meme

I signed up for a $8.00 new member drop in, which I thought was reasonable.  I do like when the first class is free, but who doesn’t? The Vinyasa was vigorous and fun.  We did a creative sequence I have not particularly done before.  It is always interesting to experience new teachers.  The instructor was much louder and bolder than anything I have experience, but it made the flow feel more like a workout as sweat literally rolled off my face.

There was no deep stretch towards the end of class, which I probably could have used.  My hamstrings, butt and upper back are pretty sore today, a positive of course! We did do frog for three minutes, which made me want to cry.  Like so many people, my hips are too tight from sitting at a desk most of the day.I would give the class four out of five stars. It was challenging, outside the box and relaxed my brain for 90 whole minutes!  It was nice to get our of my home studio (my bedroom floor) and really lose myself in the poses, as cheesy as it sounds.  I would love to go back and make it a regular thing.  Unfortunately, yoga is so damn expensive when practiced at a studio.  I feel frivolous when I can do it at home.  The new member fee for the first month is $75, which is reasonable.  I will have to sleep on it and see if it is something I would like to commit to for the next month.

If you are in the Reston or Great Falls area I encourage you to look into their studios.  It definitely has the aesthetic that every aspiring yogi loves.  For me, it is like a mini vacation with sweaty strangers and I absolutely enjoyed it!