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Taste of Summer Salad

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Sleeping Late & Dessert for Breakfast

Monday sucks.  It’s painful for almost everyone.  Today I attempted to keep my bad mood under control by making two decisions last night. 

  1. I turned my 5:30 alarm off and I slept until 7:30
  2. I prepped a magically decadent breakfast

Monday Fuel

I typically wake up around 5:30-6:00 on Monday mornings to workout, but as I climbed into bed last night I realized how sore I felt from that morning’s weight lifting session.  It has been a crazy couple weeks with new clients and a new workout regimen so I am stepping out of my routine for some rest.  Wow, 9 hours of sleep has me feeling like a new woman.  Sleep is the new cardio. 

When I went to prep my breakfast last night I realized there was only about half a serving of yogurt left, so I improvised and made the most decadent breakfast of my life.  It was like eating peanut butter pie for breakfast, but better, because it was filling fuel not empty calories. 

I zoomed to the office this morning so excited to dig into my breakfast jar.  Catching up on emails is so much more fun when you are shoveling delicious food down your throat. 

Here is what went into my morning jar: 

I mix all the ingredients together and let the jar sit in the refrigerator over night.  This allows the flavors to really soak into the yogurt.  The chia seeds expand into gelatinous fibrous omega-3 fatty acid sprinkles. 

This recipe is full of healthy fats and 19 grams of protein to keep you full and satisfied until lunch! There is no added sugar (or artificial sugar), so you wont crash like you will with a bowl of cereal.  I even counted calories for all you number crunchers and with my portions it was 380 calories.  That is one gram of protein for every 20 calories.  Vegetarians rejoice!

Give it a whirl or make your own version, it will make your regimented morning a tad more exciting.  Report back!

Be Prepared Not Hungry

I love the ease of meal prepping.  It keeps me (and my clients) from eating out during the busy work week and and controls our portion sizes.

1/2 Banana, 1/4 cup blueberries, about 1/2 cup yogurt, 1 Tbsp raisins, 2 Tbsp KIND quinoa granola

1/2 Banana, 1/4 cup blueberries, about 1/2 cup yogurt, 1 Tbsp raisins, 2 Tbsp KIND quinoa granola

I don’t love eating the exact same breakfast, lunch and dinner for 5 days straight.  I also don’t like when food tastes/looks like leftovers.  Many meal preps are done on Sunday for the whole week, which I do on my super busy weeks. I prefer to break up my personal prepping, this keeps ingredients fresh and exciting. 

For example, I will prep my breakfast for Monday and Tuesday on Sunday night and repeat with slightly different ingredients on Wednesday night for Thursday and Friday.  On Wednesday I have enough time in the morning to make my breakfast at home, so I will cook up an egg scramble or something more labor intensive.  Eating healthy  and clean is satisfying when you are using fresh, flavorful and interesting ingredients. 

When it comes to my yogurt jars I have a couple staple ingredients: plain Greek yogurt (I like FAGE) & half a banana.  I rotate the other add ins to avoid meal boredom.  I will usually pick two from the following list to spice up my breakfast jar: 

  • Chia seeds
  • KIND’s quinoa granola
  • Gluten free rolled oats
  • Berries
  • Raisins
  • Apple slices
  • Coconut flakes
  • Cinnamon
  • Raw unsalted almonds
  • Raw unsalted walnuts
  • Almond Butter (Raw Unsalted Chunky)
  • Peanut Butter Powder
  • Whatever fun fruit I receive in my farm basket 🙂

This week my farm basket included blueberries, so into the jar they go! The photo above is from my Wednesday night meal prep.  The size of my breakfast jars vary slightly to accommodate my appetite.  If I know I have a later lunch or I am particularly starving, I will grab a larger portion. 

I like to fill my morning with healthy fats and protein like yogurt, nuts, chia and quinoa granola.  The fruit adds antioxidants, fiber and flavor. On Wednesdays and weekends I do eggs with lots of greens because I have the time.  Breakfast sets the tempo for your day, so start your day with something clean and satisfying.

I share this with you all because I am very passionate about making healthy food appealing to my clients.  I love taking over kitchens to prove how easy healthy eating can be.  Losing weight is not just about what you eat, but when you eat! Going hungry is no way to treat your metabolism.  If you are interested in a meal prep lesson feel free to contact me directly or through the Storm Fitness website.  Just mention Broke Girl Fitness or me (Gen) in your online contact. 

If you are wondering about my lunch and dinner meal preps, stay tuned for a post in the future 🙂

The Liebster Award

I don’t know much about blogging, but I do love to do it! So I was excited when Jen from the blog Burpees for Breakfast nominated me for a Liebster Award.  Thanks to Jen, I now know a Liebster Award is…

An award from bloggers to bloggers with smaller followings in order to get his or her name out there.


So here is how it works once you have been nominated:

  1. Answer the 10 Liebster questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you
  2. Select 10 blogs with a small following to nominate for the award
  3. Create 10 questions for your nominees
  4. Link back to your nominator
  5. Inform each of your nominees of your nomination

So Here are the 10 questions Jen asked me, along with my responses:

1. What are you eating (and watching) right now?

I am eating one of my “yogurt jars” for breakfast. It’s my go to breakfast. I make a few jars in the beginning of the week that I can grab on the go. It consists of: 1 banana, 1 small peach, ¾ cup of plain FAGE yogurt, 1 tbsp of chia seeds and 1 tbsp of raisins. I wish I was watching the latest episode of Ladies of London on my DVR, but unfortunately I am at work.

2. Favorite pre and post workout meal?

I have a sensitive stomach/gut issues so I cannot eat within 2 hours of exercising. So if I work out in the morning I operate on empty. Which is terrible, but it’s my reality. I try and plan my workouts so a meal falls right after I sweat, but on days where I lift weights I have a protein shake. I use Warrior Whey chocolate protein powder. If I have the time I blend the powder with almond milk and a frozen banana.

3. You wake up for a workout and you are NOT motivated. what do you do?

I just roll out of bed and put on my workout clothes. With my busy schedule, it’s crucial for me to follow the workout schedule I planned for the week. If I am unusually sore I will opt for a long yoga session. I use Yoga Download so I can do my workouts last minute at home. If I am really behind on sleep I will pick sleeping over working out the night before so I can sleep soundly without hitting snooze. It’s really important for me to get 7-8 hours of sleep. Otherwise, my workout will suck and it will just be a setback in my fitness routine.

4. What’s your current girl power jam? (i’m DIGGING meghan trainor ‘all about the bass‘)

Dancing On My Own by Robyn.  It’s been my jam since the first episode of GIRLS….

5. What has been the best part of your summer, so far?

All the parts. I kicked off the summer with my best friends in Las Vegas. It was my first time visiting and it was such an amazing weekend. I am also fortunate enough to have a friend in Nantucket and I was able to visit for a long weekend at the end of June followed by an amazing 4th of July weekend at my family beach house.

6.  Because i’m thinking of waffles…favorite type of waffles, pancakes, and ‘dessert’ bread (like banana or zucchini)?

In the morning I like eggs, yogurt, fruit and nuts. I like to have healthy fats and protein to keep me full and satisfied until lunch. I don’t like waffles, pancakes and I have never been a big breakfast bread or muffin person. Again, I am a weirdo. Growing up my mom would always make waffles and pancakes from scratch in the mornings. They made me so nauseous, and I hated breakfast all together. I would spend my bus ride trying not to barf. I think this is because I was unaware of my gluten allergy, and breakfast is typically loaded with the worst kind of gluten.

7.  Favorite type of workout and place to workout?

It all depends on the weather for me. On a cold day (30 to 45 degrees is ideal) I love the long hilly run on my parent’s country roads. I also love to run in new places. I am notorious for getting lost in foreign countries. When I lived in France I ran on the coast of the Mediterranean everyday and it was divine. When it’s too hot to trot outside (or a blizzard) I get my high from an intense HIIT workout with kettlebells or plyometric training. Yoga has really taught me how to balance hard work with healing practice; it has saved me from so many injuries. I love to practice in a studio but my schedule keeps me working individually at home. I don’t love strength training yet. It’s hard for me to enjoy a workout where I don’t have a consistently high heart rate, but I am learning to love the benefits.

8. How many times have you gone into target and walked out without purchasing anything?


9.  If you could create your own Starbucks drink and name it, what would you create?

I love the classics.  Americanos, Iced Coffee and Green Tea are my go to drinks.  It would be nice to add some protein powder or chia to a light coffee frappe. We could call it the Fit Frappe.

10. Who is your inspiration and why?

Ma! She has taught me so much about being a balanced and healthy individual.   Before I was born up through my toddler years she was placing first in every 10 K and 10 miler she entered. I grew up trying her workouts, entering races alongside her and watching as she evolved into one of the strongest and most well rounded athletes I know. She is strong, fast, fit and hilarious. Plus, she is not afraid to skip dinner and have a hot fudge sundae, my girl.

11.  What would be your Disney ending?

I just want to live a long healthy life and spend as few years in diapers as possible. I also would like to be a mermaid.

Okay enough about me.  Here are the blogs I chose to nominate:

My Liebster Questions:

  1. You are going to be stranded on an deserted island for a year and you are allowed to bring 3 pieces of exercise equipment. What would you bring?
  2. What is your summer cocktail (or mocktial)?
  3. What time did you get up this morning?
  4. Where would you retire?
  5. Sweet or Salty?
  6. What was your dream career growing up?
  7. What is your dream job now?
  8. What is your favorite sport to watch vs play?
  9. If you could invite three people, living or dead over for a party, who would they be?
  10. If someones underwear is showing would you tell them?


The Muscle Confusion Debate

This week I had a great conversation with a client and it led me to writing this blog post.  We were talking about the principle of Muscle Confusion.  Which States that muscles accommodate to a specific type of stress and … Continue reading

Avocado Protein Pops

photo (23)

A Popsicle just screams summer to me.  Like everyone else, I grew up downing Freeze-E pops and chasing the ice cream truck.  Today there are tons of healthy pops you can find in the grocery store that do not contain high fructose corn syrup or unnatural dyes.  It can still be a little more fun to make your own sweat treat.  I wonder how well muscle milk freezes? Tehe

A friend sent me this link via Facebook for an Avocado-Lime pop last week.  I doctored it up and improvised with ingredients I already had at home.  Here are the ingredients I used:



  1. Throw all your ingredients in a blender and run until smooth
  2. Pour into a Popsicle mold and store in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours
Look at that green creamy goodness

Look at that green creamy goodness

I tried a pop after a very very hot and humid run with my good pal Amanda Bacon, who’s mom actually supplied the recipe.  What would I do without Bacon women?It’s creamy, delicious and actually pretty filling. It tied me over until my dinner date at 8:00 pm.  The healthy fats in the almond milk and avocado keep you satiated while the whey protein feeds your muscles after a hard workout.  The potassium in the banana helps prevent cramping and adds sweetness. Every part of this recipe (my version)  is wholesome and natural.  The original recipe I referenced uses Stevia, which is a processed zero calorie sweetener that is advertised as all natural.  However, Stevia is only all natural when you extract  oil straight from the Stevia plant.  The granulated Stevia you buy in the store has been spliced and processed to create another zero calorie product, which is why I added the banana for sweetness and omitted the Stevia.

As for the protein powder, I would have used vanilla if I had it. But I only had chocolate and a few samples of Warrior Whey’s special flavors, one of which was green tea.  I will definitely make a variation of this Popsicle in the near future, or as soon as I finish all my Avocado Pops.

Have a safe and fun 4th of July weekend!