A Video Review: Get Extremely Ripped & Chiseled with Jari Love

It has been a while since I did a workout video other than YogaDownload.  In the past month I have picked up a new weight lifting routine which includes heavier weight and lower repetitions compared to my past circuits.  Being as long levered as I am, I have never REALLY attempted to increase my muscle size. In 4 weeks I have put on about 5 lbs of lean mass.  I am still learning how to balance my running, HIIT and yoga with the weight training–it’s a constant struggle to fit it all in.  To be honest, at times I feel as though I am over training, but my body is changing so I must be doing something right!

That being said, sometimes I need a workout buddy or DVD for a little motivation.  It’s been a month since I started my new weight lifting program and I am starting to get a bit bored.  Yesterday I decided to take the plastic wrap off of a Jari Love DVD I received from 411 Video Information early this summer.  It was time to mix it up!

Jari-GetExtremelyRippedAndChiseledI have done Jari’s videos in the past, but it has been at least a year or two.  My mom first introduced me to Jari  and I ended up purchasing a DVD myself.  At the time I felt Jari Love’s videos would drag on.  Back in my pre weight lifting days I was all about plyometrics.  I depended mostly on body weight, using 8-10 lbs MAX.  I wanted to be jumping up and down; explosively squatting, jumping, planking, crawling, etc.  I still love my high impact workouts, but I have learned the benefits of resistance training.  Lifting weights revs up your metabolism for hours after you workout.  As you build more lean mass, your RMR (resting metabolic rate) increases.  When we only perform cardiovascular exercise for weight loss, we often lose some of our lean mass along with our fat burn, especially during endurance exercise.  For example, as an endurance runner, my body’s response to logging long miles is to create efficiency within my muscles.  The more long distance running I do, the less I burn per mile as my body becomes more efficient, allowing me to run longer with ease.  This is great if your goal is endurance, but I have been an endurance athlete since high school, I’ve reached those goals.  My new goal is strength…but don’t get me wrong, I am still running my 15-18 miles a week.  I’m a runner at heart. 

Lifting weights allows you to burn fat and build lean mass (muscle), which is why I have gained weight since starting a regimented weight lifting program.  If you are already in shape and feel like challenging your body, I highly recommend trying a weight lifting program.  While I am  no body builder, I am very happy with my new muscle definition.  I love my biceps. 

So back to Jari Love’s Get Extremely Ripped and Chiseled.  This DVD includes an Upper and Lower Body workout that can also be performed together seamlessly.   If you do the total body version you are looking at about 80 minutes.  If you separate the upper and lower body you are looking at 45 minutes for each section.  This includes a warm up and a cool down. 

Jari’s workouts are designed to exhaust your muscles.  Every circuit includes high repetition work.  She hits one muscle group continuously before moving onto another part of the body.  Throughout the video Jari posts what weight she recommends for each exercise at the bottom of the screen, which is very helpful.  She shows modifications as well.  She has one fitness model performing exercises without a step, adding extra weight or using the floor.  She does move quickly between exercises, so you need to have every weight out and ready to go. 

I used a wide range of weights for this DVD.  I used 8, 10 & 15 lb dumbbells.  You are performing each exercise for a long time, with no break, so sometimes I felt the need to lighten up half way through to avoid compromising my form.  I started off ambitious with a 60 lb barbell during dead lifts , I soon realized that for the amount of reps we were performing I could not sustain that load… 

Jari hits all the large muscle groups during this DVD. Working your large muscle groups requires more energy to be expelled.  This means your heart rate gets up faster and you burn more fat.  During the lower body portion she attacks your quads, hamstrings, and glutes.  During the Upper body portion she also hits all the major fat burners: traps, lats and chest. The listed groups are your power house muscles and typically the most important when the goal is fat loss.   Jari does target a number of muscle groups not consider “major muscle groups”.  She targets biceps, triceps, shoulders, core and a few more I could be forgetting.  The take away here: Jari works your whole body and leaves no muscle  untouched.  

It’s been 24 hours since I completed her total body routine and I definitely feel the aftermath in my upper body.  My chest, back, shoulders and biceps are cooked. I even feel a little sore in my core.  I don’t have too much soreness in my lower body.  My glutes are a little tender, but that could just be overuse.  This cold front on the east coast has me running more than usual…

This DVD is a well rounded routine for anyone: from the novice to the gym rat.  When you are no longer fatiguing your muscles you can: increase the weight, increase your step height, perform on one leg, etc.  There are so many modifications you can make to cater this routine to your physical ability. 

The warm up reminds me a little bit of my mom’s old Jazzercise videos, with tapping and clapping.  It’s not what you typically see in a warm up these days, but it works.  Jari says clapping wakes you up, I think she is right.  Luckily no one can make fun of my hip swaying dance moves while I work out in the comfort of my own basement.  I stretched for about 10 minutes after Jari’s stretches and then hopped on the foam roller for another 10 minutes. 

I love how this DVD has really cut women performing the workout.  It’s motivating to see a lady with guns doing the same workout as me, looking strong rather than just skinny.  Being skinny is a lot easier than having muscle definition, unless by god’s gift you were born a mesomorph. 

Jari love has an awesome blog with fitness tips and gluten free recipes! Check it out here.