Hydrate with Antioxidants

My new favorite way to drink water = Ice Cold H20 + Splash of Pomegranate Juice

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We could all use a little extra hydration in the summer months, but sometimes tap water is…unexciting. I keep a bottle of Pom Wonderful at my office and start making my mock-tails in the afternoon as a little pick me up. I love Pellegrino, but bubbles can be hard on my stomach. Plus with how much water I drink I would broke after a summer of throwing back fancy sparkling water.  In addition to your everyday sipping, this is a great beverage to  replace a glass of wine or a cocktail during dinner. 

It’s my version of Hint water.  Only my version is a little more cost effective.  It takes me about 1 work week to go through a 16 ounce bottle of Pom Wonderful.   I just add a splash to my 18 fluid ounce water bottle.  In addition to being a cost effective flavored water, it also packs antioxidants and other health benefits. Here is a quick summary of pomegranate’s health perks: 

  1. Protects your skin with antioxidants
  2. Antibacterial properties act like a mouthwash to remove plaque on teeth
  3. Helps to regulate cholesterol
  4. Anti-inflammatory effect that can help prevent arthritis


Now you obviously can purchase any brand of pomegranate juice to make this mock-tail, but POM Wonderful seems to have the most brand recognition and can be found at pretty much any grocer.  Make sure you purchase a 100% juice product to ensure all the sugar you are consuming is natural. 

Don’t stop at pomegranate juice, there are so many antioxidant rich juices waiting for you to add water! Cherry juice is another favorite of mine 🙂