Thanksgiving: It’s Just a Meal


Thanksgiving is a day to count your blessing and enjoy the company of loved ones, or it should be. Recently it seems more like a day of gluttony. We anticipate stuffing our bellies until its time to unbutton our pants. Or we plan ahead and wear a dress to avoid a full belly pressing against half digested mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. I have a better idea. How about we don’t eat until we burst. Treat this meal like any other family meal. Eat normal portions. Drink wine. Be thankful.

Avoid restricting what is typically off limits.  Instead put a tablespoon of everything that appeals to you on your plate. Eat slow and enjoy every bite. Save room for dessert. Don’t skip your aunt’s pie, she worked hard on it. Just shave off a small serving. Taste everything and anything you please. The trick here is to taste, not devour.  It’s one of the biggest cheat meals of the year, but be kind to your body.

This is a day you are meant to indulge a little. Just avoid gorging and you will avoid the guilt.

Spoiler: Cooked hot food is easier to digest, so skip the salad and cold appetizers to avoid any gastro distress.

If you are dieting you can let loose for one day. One caloric day will not throw you off, as long as you wake up and return to your healthy clean diet the next morning. Do not over restrict and cause a tipsy binge. Be good to yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble


Reflecting on 12 Days of Detox

In my last post I introduced a 12 day cleanse to heal your liver, balance hormones, flush toxins, kick cravings and improve overall health.  All my brave detoxers are now done with the cleanse, but in a way they are not…

My goal with this 12 day detox was to introduce more healthy foods into the diet. I wanted my clients and friends to walk away with a small epiphany, that eating for your body and not your schedule or cravings is so beneficial. Many people see health food as diet food.  It is just the opposite.  The food we ate on the cleanse is REAL food.  In a way it is more satisfying to eat clean.  Think about it, you take pride in every bite, knowing you are making the best choices for your own health.

So these little “Ah hah” moments are steps toward a permanant lifestyle change.  Whether it be cutting out caffiene or giving up sugary breakfast cereals, we are capable of changing some of our most hard to kick habits.

The community created around the cleanse definately helped keep detoxers on track.  Everyday there were multiple posts of cleanse approved meals posted to the Facebook group I created.  This also created a forum for questions and encouragement.  This is a group I am going to continue to utilize and look forward to inviting new members!  There will be another group cleanse after the holidays so stay tuned!

If you are interested in trying the cleanse, you can email me at for more information, or check out my previous blog post which overviews the cleanse rules.  The link is at the top of this post!

If you are interested but have reservations, read about Tammy and Janelle’s experiences below:

Tammy, 27, Storm Fitness Client

Each morning started with gulps of lemon water and a milk thistle supplement, followed by an on-the-go breakfast smoothie with protein powder, banana, avocado, spinach, chia seeds and almond milk (recipe courtesy of Genevieve). Perhaps I have a fast metabolism, but being hungry every hour is annoying, especially on days when I am not teleworking and have to pack 20 snacks. I thought I’d starve after the breakfast smoothie, but I was full for three hours! Now, I don’t think I will ever be able to drink a smoothie without an avocado blended in—the creaminess is just too wonderful and addicting.

On my telework days, I ate boiled eggs sprinkled with cayenne pepper and peppercorn, or baked eggs inside a tomato, topped with chives; lunch was always a super green salad with chickpeas. For dinner, I baked spaghetti squash, and actively looked for recipes that would be both delicious and detox-proof. In between snacking on cauliflowers, roasted seaweed, and dates (for when I needed something sweet), I guzzled lemon water nonstop, surely disturbing some co-workers by the number of times I got up to pee.

Best part of the detox was I had more energy to do everything, though I did feel sluggish on day 3 (could have been because the weather was disgusting). I missed coffee, which is always the highlight of my day, but to my surprise, I wasn’t having any withdrawals. Dandelion Root tea was my new evening companion, though I’ll admit I still stuck a packet of Sugar in the Raw in there (Yes, I cheated—but I literally had no chocolate or other sweets the entire day). I realized my body doesn’t need coffee to stay awake; I just need to give my body the proper nutrients.

Thanks to Genevieve, I have learned to stay active. I did yoga on Mondays, HIIT on Tuesdays, ice skating on Wednesdays, either a run or HIIT on Thursdays, long walks on Fridays and Saturdays, and went horseback riding on Sundays. My FitBit kept me on track to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. Each evening ended with a painful foam rolling routine.

The only part I truly failed was not always including cultured foods in the plan, but 11/12 categories isn’t too bad. At least I am now inspired to brew my own kombucha.

Despite my mini-slips, I have developed amazing habits. I already meal prep every day and try eating organic whenever possible, but now I’m honestly not even craving sugar much. When I woke up to drink coffee this morning, the sweetness of my coffee creamer made me feel sick. Though I am not giving coffee up entirely, my coffee creamer will likely be regular coconut milk or almond milk creamer. (No doubt, however, I will be enjoying some eggnog lattes from Starbucks this Holiday season).

At one point, I felt discouraged and almost went for a spoon of my Trader Joe’s Cookie & Cocoa Swirl, but I resisted and grew excited knowing that I had delicious sugary treats in my cabinets, but I could say no. Why go for a spoon of that when I have fresh bananas?

I’ll probably do this detox 2-3 times a year (probably around Thanksgiving and Christmas, and once during the spring, or summer), but I’ll include many of the required liver detox categories in my diet every day regardless. I feel much healthier and oddly, happier, knowing that my liver is probably grateful to me.When Genevieve asked if I wanted to join her on a 12-day liver detox plan, I had flashes of the Dr. Oz’s and Gwyneth Paltrow’s of the world preaching the benefits of weird juicing plans and “cleanses.” The notion always scared me. However, I had been trained by Genevieve almost the entire year. I knew that I could trust her and have support along the way. Plus, she promised the detox was not a diet! Whew.

Janelle, 24, Starbucks Addict

I have always considered myself a healthy eater, but I had a few very unhealthy habits I knew were keeping me from being as healthy as I could – like my Starbucks addiction, my need to have chocolate after every meal and late night snacking! When Gen suggested I try to cleanse with her, I immediately said yes, but as it got closer to my start date I began to wonder if I could really do it! No coffee, or sugar, or processed food for 10 days?! I was also really nervous about being hungry all the time, so the day before I loaded up on groceries to keep my shelf (and tummy!) fully stocked during my cleanse. The first 3 days were the hardest for me – I missed my morning oatmeal and yogurt, and all the greens were a big change to my system, plus the caffeine withdrawal headaches weren’t helping either. By the fourth day however, I started to make cleanse-approved foods I was actually enjoying and it didn’t feel like I was restricting myself anymore! I noticed that during the cleanse, I didn’t feel so bloated and icky after my meals, but instead felt lean, clean and green all day long. I really enjoyed finding new recipes with many of the main ingredients the cleanse promoted and trying new foods, like endives! As soon as my cleanse ended and I started to go back to regular food, I missed the cleanse immediately! I felt SO much healthier from the inside out during those 10 days and I plan to do the cleanse hard-core again next month. In the meantime, I am hoping I can stick to some of the basic cleanse rules (no sugar, processed foods, lots of greens) and focus more on enjoying lean, clean and green foods. I’ve already noticed my coffee addiction has diminished almost completely and I don’t find myself craving chocolate after every meal like I used to. I’m SO glad I tried this cleanse and I’m already looking forward to doing it again!