Thanksgiving: It’s Just a Meal


Thanksgiving is a day to count your blessing and enjoy the company of loved ones, or it should be. Recently it seems more like a day of gluttony. We anticipate stuffing our bellies until its time to unbutton our pants. Or we plan ahead and wear a dress to avoid a full belly pressing against half digested mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. I have a better idea. How about we don’t eat until we burst. Treat this meal like any other family meal. Eat normal portions. Drink wine. Be thankful.

Avoid restricting what is typically off limits.  Instead put a tablespoon of everything that appeals to you on your plate. Eat slow and enjoy every bite. Save room for dessert. Don’t skip your aunt’s pie, she worked hard on it. Just shave off a small serving. Taste everything and anything you please. The trick here is to taste, not devour.  It’s one of the biggest cheat meals of the year, but be kind to your body.

This is a day you are meant to indulge a little. Just avoid gorging and you will avoid the guilt.

Spoiler: Cooked hot food is easier to digest, so skip the salad and cold appetizers to avoid any gastro distress.

If you are dieting you can let loose for one day. One caloric day will not throw you off, as long as you wake up and return to your healthy clean diet the next morning. Do not over restrict and cause a tipsy binge. Be good to yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble