Post Holiday Detox


Well I don’t know about you but I feel like it is time to detox. The holidays are a time to indulge, but sometimes I find it hard to kick my cravings for sugar and red wine after the new year arrives. I know I am not alone, which is why I have decided to lead another 12 day liver detox.

This cleanse is not what you may think of when you hear “CLEANSE”. It is not about starving yourself, or overdosing on sugary juices. This is 12 days of clean eating paired with milk thistle supplements and dandelion root tea. The diet is centered around promoting healthy liver function. Our liver is what sifts all the toxins we consume in our diets and all the chemicals we breath in everyday. When our liver is working optimally, we feel more energized and hormonally balanced. This diet has been seen to decrease inflammation, bloating, headaches, help with arthritis, clear skin, improve mood and decrease sugar cravings. This cleanse requires you to move. In order to feel your best I recommend you exercise daily. Your overall daily movement should increase. You do not have to exercise vigorously. When practicing yoga focus on twists to help detoxify the body.  If you don’t usually exercise start walking and stretching each day. Go outside and feel the sunshine on your face. That is if you can find any.

The cleanse involves lots of vegetables, spices, healthy fats, pre and probiotic foods, sulfur and lemon water. To be successful you will have to cut out dairy, gluten and all processed foods.

I used the past week to prepare guidelines, sample grocery lists as well as tips to help all participants cleanse with ease! My cleanse is based off of Frances Murchison’s book “Heal Your Whole Body”. Click the below link to read an overview of the cleanse:

This is my second time leading the cleanse and I already have a great network of participants (newbies and veterans). You can join my support group on Facebook. Here you can find links to a sample grocery list, a quick guide to the cleanse as well as recipes for other cleansers and myself. I know I will be getting lots of questions via Facebook and I will do my best to answer as promptly as I can. I do want to point out that you will be most successful if you start making these changes today and slowly implementing the cleanse. This will create more of a lifestyle change and make it a little more sustainable. Just because you binge on a brownie does not mean you are done. You can always brush those crumbs off your lap and continue with the cleanse. This is not an all or nothing diet!

I made the start date for the cleanse January 19th. You can start before or after this date, it is all up to you! Scroll down for some helpful resources.

Join my Facebook group to stay updated:

You can access a spreadsheet with a breakdown of cleanse worthy foods and food groups to avoid here:

I also made a daily checklist to help you keep track of your food intake: