Video Review: Paul Katami’s Burn & Build

A huge part of my own personal exercise regimen is videos. Not only do videos allow me to workout from home, but they also introduce me to new exercise styles and bring variety to my library of moves.   As I test out new videos I will be sharing my experience with you.  A great resource for finding new workouts is Collage Video.  Collage ranks videos by their skill level, but they also provide reviews and clips from the workout.

Untitled-2Last night I took my puppy to our family vet and decided to workout in my parent’s home gym since I was already in the area.  My mom has been wanting me to try Paul Katami’s Burn & Build for a couple weeks now so I gave it a try.  The Burn & Build Workout is an aerobic toning workout that combines  kettlebells with a high step.   The workout itself is 70 minutes which includes an 11 minute warm up and a 5 minute cool down.  There are 7 intervals which mix fast past aerobic moves with toning.  I used a 15 lb kettlebell for the majority of the workout, but found myself switching to a 10 lb weight in the one armed bur-pees.  The video also comes with a 25 minutes instructional for some of the more complex moves and kettlebell maneuvers. I did not watch this to save time, but I wish I had.  I probably would have caught on to some of the combinations a bit faster .  After you complete the 70 minute workout there is an option for a 20 minute ab workout.

This video is considered advanced, so I would recommend being in  shape and having experience with a kettlebell before giving it a try.  The warmup itself is a workout, so by the time you eject the DVD you have done at least 60 minutes of high intensity interval training.  This is a sweat squirting heart pounding workout that takes concentration and skill.  I found myself getting frustrated with a few combinations because I had not practiced the 3-4 part moves in the instructional video.  I’m sure that I will get more out of this workout the second time around.  I definitely recommend this video to anyone who wants to challenge their body and coordination. I would give this video 5 out of 5 stars. Not only did I feel like I was getting my ass kicked, but I am sore today.    Below is Clip from the Workout:

If you do not have a step, I recommend purchasing one to reap the benefits of a bi level workout.  Incorporating a step works more muscle groups and increases your aerobic work and inevitably burns more fat.  In addition, your coordination can improve with step aerobics training.  For this workout you should use a high step.  Here is a great high step I found on Amazon that will not take too much space to store.

If you have any particular questions or a video review suggestion please leave a comment!