Running Broke

Runners, as a whole, are a funny group. Just look around you 30 minutes before a race and you will see what I mean. Between hopping around in calf warmers and meditating next to their car, the people watching never disappoints.  But yes, I am one of those crazies.  I get butterflies in my stomach just typing about racing.  I began running because my mom is a crazy runner too, and so was her mom.  That is them  below!


My favorite races are 10ks and 10 milers.  I do enjoy half marathons, but not nearly as much.  This fall I ran two new races and placed in both! For the Ocean City Seaside 10-miler I took home first place in my age group (female 20-29).

On November 10th I ran a 10 k trail race.  I am mostly a road runner, so I shocked myself when I was the first female runner to come through the finish line! My mom and sister were just a couple of minutes behind me.  It was a smaller race with only about 200 runners, but I was still excited.  The course was in Middleburg, Virginia at Camp Highroad.  I was more sore after those 6 miles than any half marathon I have ever run!



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