My Yoga Checklist


Yoga studios are popping up everywhere, so why is it so hard to find a class that checks all your boxes? In my mind There is a list of requirements that must be met when committing your time and money to a studio. I’m a picky yogi, probably too picky. But here is my excessively long list:
1. A good flow. By this I mean there is a fluid sequence that makes sense. I like to heat up first before stretching deeper. I can’t stand a choppy flow.
2. Sweat. I like to be challenged physically, but I realize that is not everyone’s priority when they step on the mat, and that’s fine!
3. Practice. I love instructors who help your take your practice to the next level. Just a few minutes of free time to ask questions and fix form can go a long way.
4. Length. After heating up its time to stretch. Yoga helps me balance my fitness regimen, and getting a good stretch is crucial for injury prevention.
5. Instruction. There is nothing worse than your favorite class switching instructors on you. Everyone prefers a different style, but when you find someone you love they become the reason you commit to a studio.
6. Space. There is nothing worse than getting whacked in the face during savasana. When studios over schedule I find myself comprising poses to avoid kicking my neighbor, it’s not ideal!
7. Variety. It’s the spice of life! You want to switch up your flow and grow as a yogi. I hate to see a Bikram only studio. Hot is not for everyone or everyday, it deters me from committing to a studio.
8. Ambiance. I once took a yoga class in a UFC gym. Mid Pigeon Pose you couldn’t help but be distracted by the sound of punching bags and sweaty grunting men. The teacher was great, but I couldn’t get into it.

This list combined with my unusual work schedule has me practicing at home most days. I did get a 10 day pass to a new studio this Christmas. I look forward to spending my Sundays afternoons in class.

What are your yoga studio must haves? Pet Peeves?