Pumpkin Mug Cake


It may be December, but I still have enough pumpkin puree to get me through the new year. Pumpkin doesn’t have to come in the sweet and spiced form. It is actually a very versatile squash, full of nutritional benefits.

Pumpkin packs:

Fiber: With three grams per cup and less than 50 calories per serving to ward off hunger

Vitamin A: Your eyesight will benefit

Beta Carotene: To fight cancer causing free radicals

Potassium: To replenish electrolytes after a tough workout

Vitamin C: To boost your immunity

Carotenoids: Fighting off free radicals to give you wrinkle free skin (or as close as you can get…)

So as you all know I am a mug cake fanatic. I find a way with what I have in the kitchen when a craving strikes, which is often. This mug cake is full of fiber and very light. You could even have it for breakfast!

So here is what you will need:

¼ cup pumpkin puree
2 tbsp all purpose flour (I used Bob’s Redmill Gluten Free)
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp ground flaxseed
1 splash of almond or coconut milk
2 tsp agave nectar or honey
1-2 tbsp of mini chocolate chip (I use enjoy life dairy free)
1 tsp cinnamon (optional)

Combine everything adding the milk of your choice last. Add as much “milk” as necessary to create a cake batter consistency. You wont need much. Place your mug in the microwave for 1 minute, if the cake is still not done in the middle continue in 30 second increments until it lacks gooey batter spots.

I recommend using a mug with a larger circumference or even a small glass bowl/baking dish. I standard mug will take longer to cook through leaving the outsides slightly overcooked. If you want to split the serving between two standard mugs to make two mini mug cakes, that will work, as long as you are willing to share.

This healthy little cake does not taste much like pumpkin, so enjoy all year round!


My Not So Guilty Gluten & Dairy Freee Pleasure: Mug Cakes


Four ingredients and five minutes later you could have this gem of a dessert sitting in front of your drooling lips.  Okay a little graphic, sorry.

This is a gluten and dairy free mug cake.  If you want to ensure your cake is vegan make sure you used dairy free chocolate chips.  Enjoy Life makes chips that can be found at almost any grocery store.


half of a banana

one heaping tablespoon of almond butter (or nut/seed butter of your choice)

one and one half tablespoons of gluten free all purpose flour (or almond flour  works)

one heaping tablespoon of chocolate chips (Enjoy Life brand if you are gluten and dairy free)


Mash banana and almond butter together in mug or glass bowl.   I use a mug because I am hip.

Pour in the almond flour and mix well.

Now put the concoction in the microwave for about 45 seconds, until the edges start to cook but the middle is still mushy.  Drop in your chips and gently push them into the half cooked cake.

Cook for another 45 seconds.  Stick a spoon in and make sure it is still moist but not runny.  If it is still runny continue to cook for 10 seconds at a time.

Let it cool first.  I say this but I always burn my tongue.

Happy “Blizzard” Everyone!

Gluten Free and Vegan Mug Cake

My latest kitchen experiment is another mug cake.  I am always attempting to make something easy and delicious when a craving strikes but it is usually a fail.  Yesterday I rummaged my pantry to see what I could come up with.  To my surprise my concoction was actually delicious! For some reason I had an open bag of gluten free yellow cake mix so I used that as the base.  I don’t even like yellow cake mix but I doctored it up with some creamy coconut peanut butter (by earth balance) and coconut oil.  I don’t consider baked goods a dessert until there is chocolate, so obviously I added a handful of semi sweet chips.  Here is what you will need:

Mug CakeYou obviously do not have to go with the brands I used, but I recommend all of them! Here is how to make your mug cake:

  • scoop your cake mix into a large mug or glass bowl
  • add in the peanut butter, coconut oil and stir
  • add 2 tablespoons of water (or more) and mix until your have a brownie batter consistency
  • Fold in a handful (about 2 tbsp) of semi sweet chocolate chips
  • Microwave from 1.5+ minutes (depending on your microwave). Watch it the whole time,  it is easy to overcook microwaved baked goods
  • Remove when it is still a little gooey, more like a blondie than a cake.  Since all of the ingredients are safe to consume raw you don’t need to worry
  • Let it set for a minute or two or mix it up while the chocolate chips are hot to create a ooey gooey chocolate cake (see pictures)