Training Services


My training sessions are one hour of High Intensity Interval Training Workouts (HIIT).  This means I will run you through a series of circuits with little to no rest while catering to your ability level.  The goal of my program is to safely burn as many calories as I can in one hour while working on several aspects of fitness. We will do this by maintaining an elevated heart rate while performing total body exercises.  Additionally you will be learning proper form and improving your balance, coordination and any postural distortions.

I am very passionate about keeping the workouts dynamic and fun for my clients.  When a regimen is enjoyable, the success rate is higher and the results are more permanent.


  • Home Visits: I can come to you with whatever equipment we need to complete your session! This is a great way to workout if you have a busy schedule. Trust me, we do not need cardio equipment to get your heart rate soaring.
  • Reston Location: If you live, work or commute through Reston/Herndon I have access to a facility on Sunrise Valley just one mile from the Herndon Clock tower.
  • Outdoor Workouts: When the weather is cooperating and the days are longer, outdoor workouts are a terrific option for those of us who work indoors all day.


As a client, you will also receive my “AT HOME” workouts you can do on your own time.  Every client is different and each workout I create is catered to you.  I will also be sending you free exercise videos to complete when you are in a time pinch.  Like I have mentioned before, I am a huge advocate of exercise videos and their effectiveness.  I am always available to talk, motivate and give advice on sticking to your regimen.


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