I have always been a very inflexible person.  My legs are 45 inches long from hip to floor so you can only image the strain running has on that much hamstring. I could not touch my toes for the first 19 years of my life. Since I knew yoga was something that would not come easy to me, I resisted giving it a try.  It wasn’t until I incurred yet another running injury that I finally gave in.  I’ve been practicing now for about 4 years.


I prefer Ashtanga flow style yoga, but I do practice Yin Yoga which is deeper stretches.  While I have had phenomenal yoga teachers in the past, I have not found one I love enough to pay the high prices in Reston, VA.  I currently practice on my own, which saves me money and time.  I can roll out of bed and practice before work, rather than driving to a studio.

My hope is to introduce my readers to new poses, flows and free online videos that will compliment their fitness routines and running.


One thought on “Yoga

  1. hi
    how tall are you and do you use yoga breathing to calm heavy breathing down after workout and if so how long till you can start to speak one word before gasping and how long till complete calm
    please Facebook me craig sparky

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